Triangular 3 Element Receiving Array System 

All New, only One Model Covers 40 to 50 Feet Element Spacing

  HIZ-PC-3A       New Element Layout

The very Heart of the new 3 Element Receiving array is this New Model Phasing Controller.

The Super Accurate HIZ-PC-3A  combines 3 short Vertical element signals making 6

 selectable receiving directions. This array system has been designed to provide excellent

Signal to noise ratio compared to a typical Low-Bands Transmitting Vertical.

The Array Provides Up to 10 dB RDF and as much as 30 dB Front to Back ratio

from below 160 meters to 40 meters and usable patterns to 30 meters and above.

Test 3 Element Array installed at K7TJR using the same insulated verticals used for

 the very First Successful High Impedance Phased Array designed here.

Camera is looking just a little South of Due East. White box contains

 the HIZ-PC-3A and the HIZ-PREAMP-75-V2





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