HIZ-PC-8PRO Eight Element Tri-Band Receiving Array System

All New, only One Model Covers 85 or 113 Feet Diameter Element Circle.

All Phasing in a single enclosure for All 8 Elements


     This New Version controller was designed to connect 8 shortened vertical antennas using Hi-Z amplifiers into a directional receiving antenna using a single circuit board. This all new SMD parts layout and unique circuit configuration using Tri-Phase combining for advanced accuracy phasing and amplitude stability. This unit uses only two delay lines and provides a form of time delay phasing that provides more than one band coverage with the Hi-Z elements. This unit was optimized for the 160 meter amateur band but can be used from the middle of the broadcast band to over 30MHz. A typical 85 foot diameter layout of 20 foot tall elements and Hi-Z amplifiers can provide as much as 12.1 dB of Relative Directivity Factor and 30 dB of front to back ratio on 160 meters. Of course the best performance depends on the accuracy of the antenna layout, the accuracy of the connecting and phasing cables, and any interfering nearby structures. It also requires three wires to switch between the 8 available directions and two wires for +13.8 V and power ground.

Typical Patterns for the 85 foot Diameter Circle

Test 8 Element Array installed at K7TJR using the same insulated verticals used for

 the very First Successful High Impedance Phased Array designed here.

Camera is looking Due East.

 the HIZ-PC-8PRO and the HIZ-PREAMP-75-V2  are shown along with the cables

and the  white plastic rain cover.




4 Element versus 8 Element Directional overlap coverage


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