Hi-Z Antennas

Universal Shack Switch Replacement


HIZ-SS2-PLUS Manual or USB Remote Direction Control


The front view size is 4 X 1 5/8 inches Depth is 4 inches including Knob and output connector.


         Works with any Hi-Z receiving ARRAY through convenient push button selection

         Features a very intuitive Menu system

         Features USB control by most standard format rotor control logging programs

         Can be used without computer control

         Features a clear 1.3 inch diagonal video type display with blue readout

         Features an adjustable screen Brightness

         Features 360 degree forward or reverse continuous direction knob

         8 Optically isolated outputs available (Each uses an FET switch to isolated ground)

         Unused outputs can be switched on and off locally (not by USB)

         Computer inputs are operated off USB power while isolated switch side requires 13.8 VDC

         Features a scan mode that steps through all directions locally (not by USB)

         Features a FLIP mode for 180 degree Front to back type observations (not by USB)

         Azimuth can read out in degrees or direction like N, S, E, and NE etc.

         Elements with a compass installation offset from normal N to S can be offset

         Features a display screen saver with adjustable on time extending the life of the display

         Features 2 relay test modes with serial walking outputs or all selectable outputs

.        Features a USB voltmeter mode to test the USB cable

         Features a rear panel set of screw terminals for control lines and power.

         Features a Micro USB B connection for internal power and digital control by computer

         This is the widely used charging cable used with smart phones and simple cell phones

         Features output switches protected against over voltage or reverse voltage with MOVs+

         Readout displays Requested angle and Actual angle available from array

         Readout displays status for all 8 relays 0=off 1=on

         Readout displays which Hi-Z Array is selected

         Display information is configurable for more or less items

         Configuration remains stored while power is off

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