Hi-Z 75 ohm Inline Preamp


     This 75 ohm cable amplifier was designed to be used as a system amplifier for 160 and 80 meter receiving antennas. Its primary purpose is to provide a precision termination for typical antenna array controller/combiners. In typical operation this amplifier would be connected to the output of an array controller providing precision termination and 15dB. of voltage amplification. Nominal input impedance is 75ohms when the output port is also terminated in 75 ohms.


Operates from 13.8Volts DC at .04 amps

Drives 75 ohm coaxial cables at over +20dBm

Quality G-10 fiberglass circuit board

        L=4.6  W=2.6  H=1.6 (not including the terminals or connectors)

Stainless screw power input and type F input/output connectors.

External +13.8 VDC power connection

Optional bypass relay when unit is un-powered.

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