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PLUS-6 Testimonials

 73. . . Dave W0FLS

 Today is my first epiphany experience with the 8 circle with the new amps. 

 I'm sitting here listening to TX7M on 1831.7.  Conditions are not good this morning and he's peaking about S5/S6 on the TX four square but takes long, deep fades down to S0, occasionally not even copyable.  Other than an occasional static crash of S7, my S meter on the FT1000MP is sitting on S0. . .no bars even lit.  The TX7 will fade down to where I can just barely tell he's there on the TX four square.  When I switch to the 8 circle he's Q5 copy with an S4 meter reading!  So not only does the 8 circle hearing him with a better SNR, but it's actually hearing him with greater absolute signal strength.  It's totally amazing.  I sit here and keep switching back and forth between the TX and RX arrays, thinking I'm doing something wrong or overlooking something.  Now I know the TX four square hears very, very well.  But the degree that the 8 circle is hearing better, both SNR and absolute signal level, is phenomenal.  It's enough to make me almost think maybe I need to check out the TX four square when it gets to be daylight. 

 You have absolutely hit the mark with the Plus6 amp. 

8 Element Circular Array testimonials

160- (200 ft dia.)

N4NN Dale

I like this array (Hi-Z 8) more every day!  N4NN

This HI-Z is kicking ass and taking names. N4NN


Hi Guys, I did a SOSB 160 using the 8-200 controlled with Green Heron wireless boxes.  Conditions were so-so Friday night, not good Saturday night and I missed the European sunrise the second night but I still beat my personal best of 54 countries worked in a 160 contest.  The 54 countries were worked during the CQ160 contest, much more participation.  During the CQWW I worked 61 countries and 22 zones.  I'm ready for the ARRL 160 and plan to do a multi-single.  I'll let you know how we do. 

 The K3, HiZ 8-200, Green Heron wireless combination is a winner.  I'm trying to get K5KC to buy the 8-200 for his station, do I get a commission?  Ed/W5TM


Hello Dick. . .
The 8 el narrow 160m array performed really well during the contest this past weekend.  In addition to the 8 el array we had wide-spaced Beverages (910' long, 320' spacing) on Europe and Japan.  We had the 8 el array on the Aux input feeding the second receiver in the K3.  We had the Beverages coming in on the RX input which feeds the main receiver.  While we could not exactly do an instantaneous A/B comparison but we spent many hours listening to the two systems in diversity during the contest.  The 8 el array definitely hears better than the four square TX array.  The 8 el array performance seems to be very close to the phased Bevs with the Bevs having perhaps just a slight edge. . . they're so close in performance it's hard to tell.  The two systems hear very differently (which would be expected). Putting them in diversity gave a truly amazing performance. . . a true luxury which very few people have!  We did not have Beverages any directions other than EU and JA, so the 8 el array did a great job filling in the gaps. We used your four square array in diversity with the Bevs on 80m.  While the Bevs did hear better than the four square array there was still benefit to having both running together in diversity.  Overall, our lowband RX capabilities were awesome.  We never felt we were RX limited.

We are definitely satisfied and very glad we made the investment and are anxious to get the second 8 el array up and going (everything is ready and in place).  We did well in the contest but had a brown out (84 volts) and, finally, a total black out for about two hours on Friday night about 0100z. Not being on during those high rate hours definitely hurt us but, overall, we did well.

Hope you, Lee, and your families had a nice Thanksgiving.

73 for now. . .Dave

80- (100 ft dia.)

WS7N Bob
I managed to get my K9AY RAS-8x2 box hooked up so I could switch back-and-forth between the Bevvies and the 8-80 array and I can tell you that the 8-el "kicks ass"!


Hi-Z 4 Testimonials

N4BAA Jose See Jose's Hi-Z 4 Report in December 2010 YCCC pg. 6&7(with permission)

The SUPER HI Z 4 SQUARE at N4BAA is one half a keeper! Why only 1/2? Because I want the other half now!!!...I will want to upgrade to an 8 circle 
array when you get back to normal!!!!!    With over 3000 QSOs on 80/160 this winter...I can report that the HI Z 4 square is at least as good as any of 
my 8 640 to 880 foot beverages in the same primary direction as the 4 SQ's!! That is saying a BUNCH!!! The beverages were almost always better 
than the HI Z 4 square when the receiving AZ was 45 degrees off the HI Z's primary directions.....THUS......the NEED for 4 more elements to complete 
an 8 circle array. I want to thank YOU for sharing your achievements with the radio community...those who KNOW the difference receiving on the low 
bands can make WILL appreciate your products. Those who do not know...may never be able to appreciate what a marvel this is. ABSOLUTE GENIUS...!! 
Thank you again...
Please let me know when products are available....... I want to drive 
an 8!!!
Thanks Gunny!
Oooh Rah.....
Jose / Chief

K1UO - Larry

  Looks like the RX capability of the K7TJR 4 square on 80M allowed me to set a new USA record in CQWW-CW single Band 80M unassisted catagory.  I could sure pull  out some really weak sigs...  Was running so much on one frequency that I neglected to take time to search for mults..but still managed 110 Countries and 32 Zones over the weekend.
Larry   K1UO

N4BAA Jose

To the inth degree!!
I am not going to report for a week or so if I can help it! BUT.....this morning..heard BU2AQ for the first time ever. The 4 square was better than either my NW or SW 880 foot beverages with "commercial" .... So far good! Just amazing actually....   Last night I had same results...the only time any of beverages were better (at least last night) was in the directions that are not directly in line with the 4 square's direction.  ie/ EAST....South...etc....

 K9UW See Mike's comments about his Hi-Z 4 at

My K9AY served me well and was instrumental in getting me from 50 countries to 92 countries on 160 but new ones have been hard to come by over the past year or so.  This antenna is going to get me my 160 DXCC!  And I'll be doing the same on 80 and 40. I also enjoy chasing DX on 30 meters.  The 4 square seems to improve S/N on 30 as well, but directivity is far less obvious.  I usually use my 160 inverted vee on 30 meters (80' apex) and it usually hears well.  Mike K9UW


Just during CQWW SBB manage to install my new rx antenna from HIZANTENNAS.

Please find some pictures of my setup. I use this on 160m mostly. Never

before had antenna with such excellent front back ratio! Regular 30dB every

direction. Quiet and can use this without preamplifier.

Sometimes need to switch on preamp in my K3. I like this antenna already.

Very good investment! Best 73 Jacek  SP5DRH


Yes, the 4 square array is working fine. So far the results point to at least 10-15 Db difference between the array and my beverages using QRN max readings. Usually this results in at least a difference in copying the station with the array (Q5 or Q4) vs the beverage on extremely noisy receive/no copy at all conditions (Q3 or Q2). Only once has the beverage beaten the array and that was on the southern path on 80m.  I attribute this to the arrival angle of the signal.  the received signal was  S9+5 on the array vs. S9+10 on the beverage.  Out of 25 measured signal over the last time period between 8-21-10 to 9-10-10 this was the only time the beverage received better than the array. I will continue through the winter season to take data and let you know the outcome.  My goal is to get at least one measures piece of data on 160 and 80 each day but sometimes I can only gather the max received noise on each band.  If I can find a DX station I include the Q factor for both the array and beverage.  So far the array has at least a 10-15 Db noise factor better than the beverage. I believe the array is definitely a winner and will improve my receive capabilities on 160/80 meters for the coming season.  Hopefully it will also help me score better in the 160 contests this season also.  73 Patrick, W4PV

W5XZ: ITS WORKING!!!!!!!! just as modelled. COULD NOT BELIEVE IT WHEN I SWITCHED IT AROUND!!! SIGS GO AWAY!!! thought it was broken!! very nice side rejection also. REALLY amazing.

N7XM:The ARRAY is WONDERFUL!!!! really wonderful !!!   Worked EUROPEANS EASILY and can OUT HEAR many people calling on top of the DX

W4ZV: In the two days I've used the system I've been very pleased with it.  I optimized my array spacing and delay lines for maximum F/R performance (...not RDF) per K7TJR's analysis.  I'm running the 4SQ to one RX in my K3 (in diversity) with my Beverages going to the other RX.  Although a 1200' Beverage is a little better than the 4SQ, the latter is not bad especially considering it's all contained within an 80' X 80' area and covers all directions.  If I was space constrained, I would definitely have one of these as my primary RX antenna.

N9BX: So far the performance has been spectacular!.  This morning I could not even hear 3d2KJ on 1.8 with my vertical, but he was perfect copy on the 4 square, and on 80 meters it preforms just as well. 

K4SV: So far the antenna has awesome Front to Back and Front to Side and has very similar sensitivity to my 540 foot beverage. I have to have an inline preamp in but considering it has 700 feet of feed line that is not bad. The signal to noise is much better than the 540 foot beverage so I will not hear as much noise.

K3UL: This AM, I realized the benefits of the new array.  I literally could not copy the JA's on my beverage due to the higher noise floor.  Perfectly Q5 on the array and only on the NW vertical.  I'm very impressed and pleased.  I use the array in diversity mode with my K3 and it certainly seems to be performing as stated.

KK4SI: Just a note to let you know the 4 square is up and running. It is not in the clear by any means and seems to work very well.

K9RX: I'm loving this antenna! I've now put up, for the first time in my ham career of over 42 years, a 160 xmit antenna... a 100' inverted-L with 16 radials. I've worked, in 3 nights of operating, 32 countries including VK, JA, JD, CE, and a bunch of EU's.

RN3CT: Yes, You are right...  Gud ears mean good RX antenna... 4SQ does good job!

N5DG:  You should name this the Wow Antenna, I've tried deferent RX antenna , a DO Loop pointed to EU , worked ok , A rotatable Flag, only a few times it was better the a low dipole. Had a 740 ft Beverage to EU , I would say it was a little better then the DO Loop. Your RX 4 Sq went together easily and their was no question to whether or not it was doing what you claimed.

WX0B - I purchased and put up the 80 ft version in about 1.5 days.  Easy to build and instructions were exact. Pattern is astonishing, it always works from AM BC band up to 40m. But 160/80m is so good, that I am taking down my 6 direction 600 ft beverages. 

Hi-Z 3 Triangular Array Testimonials

AA6VB   "I live on a small city lot,  no more than a quarter acre.  I have tried a dozen receive antennas over the years looking to improve the all important signal to noise ratio. Nothing gave a meaningful improvement.  Along came the 3 Element Array, so I thought I'd give one a try.

Everything about my situation is a compromise. I can't get a 40 foot triangle with equal sides, one of the elements is 3 feet lower than the other two, the corner of the house blocks the  line of sight between two of the elements, two of the elements are near a metal fence and one of the elements is within 50 feet of my vertical. Not a pretty picture.

Still, the system is highly directive on 160 meters where I spend most of my time. It provides a very good improvement in signal to noise ratio over my vertical and has truly uncovered another layer of signals for me. It REALLY does work, even with all the compromises in my situation.  I am amazed at its performance and am VERY happy with the decision to install one.

There is a REAL solution for city lot owners with challenging situations.  I highly recommend this array."

"I run the legal limit with no harm to the array - a great feature."

 K1CP  Want to let you know that my Triangle antenna continues to work very well when the noise level here is reasonable; just got a QSL from JT1CO for a 160M QSO that used the triangle on rx.

 K1CP  The triangle really works great when the noise here isn't bad; IMO better than the K9AY.

WW4LL  The installation was a snap.  Everything was provided by you folks for a
 turnkey installation which is the way I like to buy things.  I can tell you
 that I am hearing stations on 80 and 160 like I've never heard them before.
 For someone with small available space, the Hi-Z Triangle is the way to go.
 Thank you very much....

K0TO   It is spectacular as an RX system. I used it for about 14 days in October
and then sold my K9AY paired loops which had been the best of my RX antennas
in previous years.


Tonight was the acid test for the triangle array. I worked VQ9LA on 3508/QSX 3509. I could not hear him on my M2 rotary at 100 feet as well as the triangle array!! He was 579 on the triangle array!! We are cooking!! I now have RG-6/U all the way from the array to my Orion I. 73, John Harden  W4NU

K1ZZI 3 element array

Hi-Z beat the K9AY hands down. No Contest.




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