Triangular Array System 


Hi-Z-3-LV2-40  40 foot spacing

Hi-Z-3-LV2-50 50 foot spacing



       This system was designed to utilize 3 shortened antennas with Hi-Z amplifiers as a directional receiving antenna.  This new and unique circuit configuration uses Tri-Phase combining for extra accurate phasing and amplitude stability. This system uses only one delay line and provides a form of time delay phasing that provides more than one band coverage with the Hi-Z elements. This system was designed to operate over the 160,80, and 40 meter amateur bands but can be used from below the broadcast band to over 30MHz. A typical 50 foot square layout of 20 foot tall elements and Hi-Z amplifiers can provide 9.3 dB of Relative Directivity Factor and 30 dB of front to back ratio on 160 meters. Of course the best performance depends on the accuracy of the antenna layout, the accuracy of the connecting and phasing cables, and any interfering nearby structures.



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Hi-Z-3-LV2-40             Hi-Z-3-LV2-50




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