Hi-Z 4-8PRO Eight Element Tri-Band Array System


Hi-Z-4-8PLV2-113   113 foot diameter spacing

Hi-Z-4-8PLV2-85   85 foot diameter spacing

Hi-Z-4-8PROUPPLUS existing 4 element upgrade





        8 Directions, every 45 degrees

        Hi-Z 4-8PRO as a new install

        Field upgrade of existing Hi-Z 4 systems to Hi-Z-4-8PROUPPLUS  (converts 4 element to 8 element system)

        Pushing the envelope of best performance in the smallest possible footprint


        Substantially reduced signal attenuation at directional overlap points

        160, 80, 40 meters coverage

        E-Probe design, no need for radials (we do not use passive elements)

        Uses the same area of the Hi-Z 4  footprint or 113 foot diameter circle, just add 4 more elements

     Special note: The 4-8PRO can be scaled to fit in a smaller footprint for more space restricted locations with only a very minimal decrease in 160 meter performance. The smallest area that can be accomplished is a 42.5 foot radius or 85 foot diameter circle.


 From years of design excellence and pushing the boundaries, we came up with a no compromise design. Trying to use a 4 element system for 8 directions creates too many compromises and limited performance typically in the 4 directions at 45 degrees to the diagonals. This was not an option. The standard 4 element RX array system has an inherent weakness at the 4 overlap points. For example, when clicking between NE and SE directions, trying to listen to a signal from the East, this signal would typically be down by >4db as it is in the overlap region. The goal was to have the directional RDF of the standard Hi-Z 4 (12.2RDF) in 8 directions with minimal attenuation at the overlap. Another design goal was to make it upgradeable with existing Hi-Z 4 installs as simple as possible. Since the Hi-Z 4 is typically installed in an 80 foot square pattern (this is a 113 foot diameter circle), one only needs to add the 4 additional elements in-between the existing 4 elements. This will maintain the same radius for all elements.

The plots below compare the attenuation at the overlap of the 4 element to the overlap of the 8 element design. The 8 element plot shows the overlap points  attenuation to be only  ~1db. Therefore one gains >3db at the overlap points, not to mention the 8 direction control.


                   4 Element overlap pattern                                      Hi-Z 4-8PRO overlap pattern

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8 Circle Array Layout of Verticals

V1 V8 = Verticals 1-8. Each vertical is 45 degrees spacing.


Diameter ft

Radius ft




Hi-Z 4-8PRO



104  4

43  2 15/16

30  6 15/16

Hi-Z 4-8PRO



78  13/16

32  4 1/16

22  10 3/8







NOTE: All measurements are rounded to the nearest 1/16.

All coaxes from controller to the vertical are equal length (Radius + 4 feet).    

The Hi-Z 4, Hi-Z 8N, and the Hi-Z 8W products are being sold as permitted under the terms of a

certain License Agreement among PDS Electronics, Inc. dba DX Engineering, as the Licensor,

and Hi-Z Antennas and Lee Strahan, as the Licensees.


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